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(If there’s anyone even here anymore) Does someone have any ideas on how I could do some basic volume or gain metering all on ios?

I know I can run Auxy as a live channel through Ableton on a laptop to see a spectral analyzer or simply the volume meter to see if it’s clipping (getting into yellow & red), BUT I’m wanting to do this all on ios.

In essence I just want to make sure my volume is as high as I can without any distortion clipping before releasing a song.

I assume that it will have to involve Audiobus, Aum, or just running an exported audio file through another metering app…I just don’t know any.

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You’d prolly be better served asking on the Audiobus forum, it’s not just for AB but allllll kinda of apps are discussed there (and other hardware sometimes).

From my own experience I really like Grand Finale. It’s getting a little long in the tooth though. I also really really like Bark Filter (Triple Band preset is nothing short of amazing).

You could export stems from Auxy and load them in file players in Aum. The mixer view is pretty good there and then you can process each stem further with more FX.

You probably could also do this with stems in GarageBand on iPadOS/iOS. Each channel also has a parametric equalizer and you can push or reduce gain across frequencies per channel. I rather enjoy it, it works well.

I have no recent experience with Audiobus so I can’t speak to that :frowning: I’d also say Cubasis has a pretty nice channel strip and would tick all the boxes, but ymmv there. I’m not a huge fan of the app (just doesn’t fit my workflow style I guess).

It’s also pretty important to turn off the master effects in Auxy I’d think if you’re planning on doing that kind of mixing elsewhere. You’re gonna get a very sauced up version of your mix out of Auxy, which is fine, but trying to mix down your elements when it’s already being compressed and limited etc etc it’s going to be a pain.

Well that’s about all I got. You should def check out the AB forum there’s a lot of super smart folks there. Hope this helped some!


yeah, looking on Audiobus forum would make more sense. I’ll check out some of the other things mentioned as well; and good reminder about turning off Auxy master effects.

AUM + Youlean Loudness Meter

Klevgrand Grand Finale


Nice. Downloaded both to check out already. Thanks!

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