Looking for a collab partner - BobTheGUYYYYY [electro, dnb, EDM?]

Looking for someone who wants to work on a crazy high-pace, high energy track, and maybe bring their own flavor into it. First come first serve, show me what you got!



Sending you a message about this.

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Hey, guys. How did this one turn out?

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We don’t know yet. They didn’t respond.

Also it’s been 3 months so, why the revive question mark

(I might be on the lookout for a DnB collaborator.)

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I don’t think you do DnB, to be honest, homie

I never even saw you do some DnB before as well.

(Don’t want to railroad this thread, but…

I don’t, hence “DnB collaborator”.

I’ve got a smooth, jazzy uptempo (160) piece drafted that lends itself to a collab with a DnB-er.
I’m not 100% on the idea, but looking at the options.

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Are you sure?

I need to know if Bob does some smooth jazz.

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It… kind of did? I didn’t end up being a fan of the way JFalc took the piece, but I worked on it a bit more and got a cool new sound.

Here’s a link if you’re curious
pls don’t steal

Eh? I don’t understand the question.
I don’t understand why you’re second-guessing what I might wanna do with my track.


For me, part of the appeal of a collab is if each contributor specialises in a difference genre.

Increases the chances of something interesting and unexpected happening. :slight_smile:

When I say ‘smooth’, I don’t mean ‘dinner jazz’. I meant something a bit less aggressive, a bit more liquid.

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I play jazz drums irl if you were curious :eyes::drum:

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Ok. Good thing.


Ooh. Good to know. (I’m def on the lookout for jazz drummer(s) to collab with.)
Does any of your SC stuff use your drumming?

Do you have a recording/mic set-up – i.e. are you able to record?

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I have a full 7 mic setup.

I haven’t posted anything using live drums but I’ve recorded things. Just have a lot of cleaning up to do and actually deciding if I’m happy with the results or not haha

What Jazz style(s) do you typically drum in? (And what styles can you credibly drum in?)
Are you brush and swing or more towards the Yussef Dayes end of the spectrum?

i’ll play pretty much any genre
I’m espescially into funk, big band charts and afro-cuban stuff

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If 74centSalsa isn’t too busy, he’s really good at DnB