Logo Comissions for 2018!

I’m accepting commissions for free!

I’m best at minimalistic and shapes/designs.

You can ask with specifications or just tell me to surprise you!


Please requests only, further convos will be held in PM’s

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You have already seen my post, but what I would like would be two S’s that are distinguishable as two strands of spaghetti. And it should somehow be minimalistic.

@SpaghettiSauce I think your logo is perfect for your name. Please don’t ever change it ever again please.

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No but I like yours too. It’s clever


See, here’s the problem. This is not my design. I took it from the internet. It’s too perfect, but I stole it.

:disappointed:… so… does this mean… your going to change it?

But seriously, that really sucks. It was just so perfect. :man_shrugging:

Yeah, it sucks. But I might make one that is basically a copy, but more spaghetti like.

could you do mine?

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Well, the profile picture you are looking at now is altered from the original logo. But it’s only the color that is different. In the original, it was white and black.

Spagoot. Please no convos, take it up in the PM’s