Little announcement! + upcoming mega collab

Hello everyone! Daniel here.

Im going to be pretty direct with you… something that goes against my name apparently…

I really haven’t been that active, and I haven’t had the time or opportunity to keep up with everything that’s going on, let alone try and post a track. With the recent pandemic and changes going on I’ve had more time and would love to get back into the swing of things… the Indirect way! So a few little announcements/reminders

  1. I will soon be completing and releasing an EP/album (technically an EP but on Soundcloud its labeled an Album)
  2. To open the album I will be a trap mega collaboration with some of my very favorite Auxy… artists. Im so excited to share it with you! This collaboration is insane so far, and we are just getting started!
  3. Some of my new tracks released in the EP will be uploaded to Spotify and all major stores
  4. Just a reminder… Since the begging of 2020 I have released some new tracks but haven’t really promoted them, Id love if you could check them out!
    Surface [Future Bass]
    Nishikigoi [Trap]
    Friction [Chill/Lofi]
    The Light [Collaboration!]
  5. All songs released his year will have the auxy file and direct downloads available!

So yeah… I hope to be a bit more active, also… If you have any tracks you would like me to check out, please send them! I always love seeing how you can use Auxy to the best of your ability.

Much love,


Awesome! Can’t wait tell we are finally finished with it.


Yeah me too, it’s gonna be sick


Ya boy, almost to 10 members too! Can’t wait to see the finished project.


Seriously 10?! This is a mega mega collab lol



im so happy to be a part of this :fire: can’t wait for your EP!


Welcome back, my friend! (even though you never really left in the first place :P)

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Thanks @CLOME and @Maland2016!


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