Linear Curvature - E/E & Spaghetti Sauce

From me and @SpaghettiSauce on his SC…

Go check out @eslashe! Huge thanks to him for making this track possible.

The idea was mine, but the completion and the great execution was all from @eslashe.

Hope you guys enjoy.


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Awesome, really like this. It’s put together well, flows nice. Choice selection of sounds. I know this might sound insane but in my head I hear vocals over this and it’s REALLY ace.

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Thanks! Glad you at least liked it xD really happy to present this song, as the foundation laid out by my boi spaghetti was so good I just couldn’t ignore it. When he mentioned he couldn’t compose anymore because of the lack of subscription, I took to work turning his idea into what it is now, and we’re both very happy to present the result.