Limits = creativity

I have been seeing that lot of people are finding it hard to make music, so in order to help. I thought might try and get people to the basic where creativity is easier.
1.only 4 tracks
2.use original auxy sounds and drums
3.the song can be as long as you want
4.send back in project file
5.if there are any rules that I have left out no loop wholes
The prize is a compliment and new found creativity.
Please have fun


quite similar to the Auxy tournament challenge that had the same idea and almost all the same rules


I think adding a time limit would make this a more challenging contest. Also, listening to all the tracks would be much faster.


What does “only 4 tracks” mean?

I think it means only 4 instruments

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There are no rules in creativity

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I can’t do that because majority of the songs I make require at least 6 instruments, not including drums.

Like what @stereofield said, this is similar to the Auxy Tournament Challenge, same idea with similar rules. I’d like to see what people can do with only 4 total instruments, going back the the roots of Auxy, I guess.

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I’ll try

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I could try too

But I don’t like making long tracks for challenges. That’s why I like 60 second time limits for example.

(P.s I’m lazy)