Limited sample length

Why do we have a sample length restricted to under 20 seconds when we can set samples to note length? Seems self defeating, idk.
Also, is there a way we can be able to pitch samples up while retaining the length of the sample? Not sure if that’s possible but it would be nice.


I haven’t check that yet

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20 seconds is max length. Sample note length just ensures you don’t have to play out an entire sample or can use open hats and closed hats in a “choke group” fashion (choking without groups basically).

You’re looking for something to change pitch independent of sample length which is a lot less trivial than just speeding up or slowing down a sample. I can never remember the name of this, it’s not pitch shifting…

Edit: Time stretch, duh. Cubasis does it, desktop DAWs etc. Not just a simple speed up / slow down dealio.


Time stretching is almost vital for me when it comes to sampling. Ableton is really good with it. The only thing I don’t really like about the vocal chops in auxy is that you don’t have as much freedom with them, like if you want to cut off the beginning or choose specific sections, or time stretches.

Yup. Blocs wave also does really good time stretching and rekeying as long as you know original key and tempo of your import. It’s a paid feature I think like five bucks, worth it if you’re doing anything with samples or loops.

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This is what most apps use:

We have a quote from them but we need to sort out how to implement it properly and whether it’s worth the cost of licensing.


There has to be some length limitation, for various reasons including e.g. limited memory allocation for iOS apps. The main reason, though, is that the drum editing is designed for one shot samples and not longer loops/stems.

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FWIW 20 seconds pretty generous. Other samplers I’ve used are usually around 10. It’s a good compromise for not having audio tracks (which would make that whole use case a moot point)


Was thinking on this some, what’s the use case for this without audio tracks? Just curious, would be great but unsure where it’d fit as is.

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Perhaps just for pitching/timestretching user samples?

Although you could probably get away with a simple phase vocoder in that case, and save on licensing costs.

Did we just get a hint on what might be in the works?


I think so too! Although we’ve been looking at adding audio loop support, which would be pretty straightforward if we implemented good time stretching. Plus, it would be possible to expand the library on the cloud with tons of good audio loops.

What we haven’t really worked out, though, is how to go beyond simply importing audio loops and playing them back. I.e. how we should implement some sort of loop editing features, like e.g. having loops pre cut so that you can resample them the way you usually do in an MPC-style machine.


Plus, audio loop import is a bit tricky compared to having a pre-processed library.

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My two pence - even just having stretched loops is very nice.

Your two options for MPC style chopping would either be to allow users to set markers, or have some kind of transient detection. Both are nice.

The whole loop thing is where Link comes in handy and using in tandem with something like Blocs Wave, Link controls the tempo adjustments and then within Blocs and Auxy I just make sure I’m matching key myself (since Link doesn’t do that, yet, if it ever will).

A good example of self marker setting would be either Reslice by Virsyn or the Abu Dhabi gadget in Korg Gadget. It’s very fast to drop in slices and assign to pads/notes.

Reslice also does transient detection. It’s not perfect, but nothing I’ve ever used really is. It’s good enough though.

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Cool! Yeah I agree that some sort of slicing would go a long way. Plus we can pre-process stuff so that loops in the library are already sliced to perfection.

Btw. how do you record and finalize tracks that run several apps using Link?


When I’ve got my loops set how I want I’ve actually been exporting from those apps and feeding the files to Auxy. So loops are usually set up in a drum instrument and one of the drum slots actually just becomes a dedicated loop. Depending on the app I exported from I might need to nudge volume either direction but beyond that everything usually sits in the mix very nicely.

Haven’t had a chance yet but eager to use loops with the note length addition. Lynchpin there is Link but I think you guys will figure that out sooner than later since behavior is confirmed now

Nice! So then having proper audio loop support with import from other apps would be nice for you. :slight_smile:


Totally, would be a boon for workflow, 100%. It’s not terrible right now, but yeah a little hoop jumpy. I do think others would dig it too, especially if there’s some kind of chop functionality. A lot of fun to be had there (especially if you consider chopping instrumental things and not just drums, very interesting sounds to be had there)

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oooh please implement this, i’ve always wanted it in auxy. the main reason i’ve been using ableton is so i can slice samples for lofi tracks… if i could do that in auxy, it would be a game changer

Hold on a moment, my hat got blown off from the transparency in this thread

I’m certainly excited to see Auxy taking steps forward to making itself what it could be. I’ve always been under the impression that it never wanted to be the one tool to rule them all, and while it certainly can’t be it can definitely be closer. Features like this would push the envelope significantly.

I’m seriously liking this new change of communication, and I really hope it stays like this.

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You could super easily do this with other apps in tandem with Auxy, but for sure, having it be more of a ‘one stop shop’ is desirable

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