Limit on how many notes play at once on an instrument

This may sound like a bit of a random, off-the-wall question, but something I’ve been noticing is that there potentially is a hard limit on how many simultaneous notes can be triggered at the same time on a single instrument. Has anyone else experienced this, and perhaps @lenberg could potentially shine some light on whether or not this is indeed the case?


Yeah true. Our tracks would have much more epic stuff

I’m confused. What do you mean?

What is the limit?

Yes I’ve noticed.

Is the limit global or per channel? I’ve not noticed… just curious. I can see it being a problem if global especially when you start stacking layers, like if you’re gonna load up on chords spread across three or four instrument channels, and there’s a global limit, I could see hitting that quick.


Provide an example?

yeah, one time i lent my friend my phone to use auxy and she did a one bar chord with every single note and only some of the notes played.


I mean it makes sense. I don’t really know of ANY instruments with unlimited polyphony. It becomes very CPU/hardware intensive.

But it’d be nice to know if the limit is global or per channel. At some point you will just exhaust your device. Unless there is voice stealing, which is what it sounds like was happening there @Mr_Mooo - this way new notes take over for older ones and it keeps things running smoothly.


It could have been just in playback, but renders would be fine

I think that kind of depends. I’d say probably not - usually a voice limitation is imposed on the hardware level or at the synth itself. We’re not talking about offline rendering being better (more capable?) than live playback for something with a really complex effect chain that you’re trying to listen in real time with low latency… Voice steal will voice steal no matter what I’d think.

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This is a somewhat unscientific test, but a sixteen note chord appears to only play ten notes…

Also, looks like higher notes get preference when voice stealing.




How many notes is it before it locks out? sometimes I’ve noticed it not outlining the notes but they are still audible, and sometimes flickering in and out of the settings while a note is playing causes the note to stay highlighted longer than usual. I do think this issue could be fixed by an option in the settings for how many notes can play at a time for an instrument using a bar similar to the tempo bar.

Hmm. That’s not good. 10 isn’t much for it to stop playing notes already


I can’t recall which exactly, but I’ve noticed this in the past with a few specific instruments.

It’s something Lenberg should answer. Knowing the voice limit of the software one is using to make music is normally reported by its developers.

I know the polyphony of all my VST softsynths, and hence make choices as to which one plays what. I don’t use my u-he Repro 5 (Prophet-5 emulation) to play thick chord progressions / pads, with 7th chords + extra root note in the bass (i.e. 5 simultaneous notes/voices) with long release times, as that will always result in voice stealing (which I find to be a 100% unacceptable practice) – I use my VirtualCZ (32 voice polyphony) for that. And so on.

Overall, Auxy’s secrecy / opaqueness regarding its inner workings can sometimes frustrate me a bit, tbh.

Personally, I don’t think there should be a limit to voices per instrument, in Auxy. It should simply choke and display a message if one is overloading it too much. Just like video editors often report “frames were dropped during playback”.

If one wants to make a a simple song with a hugely stacked viola instrument playing 15 notes simultaneously – and their device handles it fine: I don’t see why Auxy should limit it.

Afterall, Auxy IS remarkably efficient, CPU-wise. On my iPhone 7 Plus, I’ve pretty much maxed it out 100% when I did Auxylate (a track I posted “Finished Tracks” the other day) without any problems – and often even in Low Battery mode:)

At least Lenberg should answer it succinctly / concretely. And write it in Auxy’s specs / description and Help docs (if there is any… I’ve never needed it :smile:)


Thank you for showing this, this is exactly what I was talking about. I’ve been rather busy the last few days so I’ve been sort of ghosting things, but this is exactly what I meant when I posted this.

Something I’ve noticed is that even though it appears to be doing this, actual audio seems to show a bit of a difference, leading me to think it’s a visual glitch rather than an actual limitation. I have to try and experiment more.

As a side note, a way to make instruments mono as in no polyphony and each note is cut off by the next, would be a cool and useful addition.

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Making instruments mono at will would be a BIG deal. Fingers crossed

Why is that? You can just make sure to lay out one note at a time?

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