LimeZ - Wave [Dubstep/House]

Here’s Wave, my latest song :smiley:

I had trouble with the upload so just disregard the -1 at the end

Umm maybe you should think about a name change :smile:

According to some, you can’t beat the U

(Feedback inbound)

Woah that drop is sick! The beginning was kind of slow, that’s just what I thought. Great use of lobster. For me, the chord sounds during the drop could have been a little softer (hour or silk, maybe?) Other than that, this is awesome, I’m following for more.

For next time: I like to have only either my chords or bass playing at one time so I use volume automations to manage that. Sometimes when chords and bass play at the same time, the bass drowns out the chords. Also, there should be a larger difference in volume between the end of the buildup and the drop (my opinion) so maybe use some automations to go from quiet to loud.

Overall: Very litty song and woah I typed a lot