LimeZ - sunflower [Collab?]

I’m working on a “new” (I’ve had it for a while and not done much with it) track. If anyone would like to collab on it, say so.

gave it a whirl. :stuck_out_tongue:

I mean I like it, but sadly it’s not really the style I’m looking for

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Went for something short and simple.

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Gave mines a trvp spin.

@LimeZ Ah, okay. No worries! :wink:

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@LimeZ, can I upload the remix in my sc?

First of all, it’s not a remix, second, I’m not going for trap.



Well who cares? Let people do their own I mean, it isn’t only one style that the song needs bruv.

The genre you’re trying to make it into doesn’t fit in what I’m trying to make it into though.


You know where all this talk needs to go at?