LimeZ - Ruthless [Dubstep/House] (Feedback much?)

Here’s my latest song Ruthless.

Hope you enjoy and Stay Fruity!


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I listened to your song. Firstly, the first drop is very cool.
Here’s some of my thoughts. The first melody could use some reverb cause it sounds a little choppy. The slope instrument sounds kind of monotonous, I’d suggest trying to add some more shape, something to make it more interesting maybe some ducker or pitch bends. Also the drums could use some work imo. For a lot of the song the kick was only on every other beat. I’d try and keep it on every beat cause otherwise it makes it feel like it has less drive.

Yeah, the first lead did need reverb tbh…

Ah, cool. someone touched on what I was going to say. Yes, reverb is your friend. Don’t forget to layer and pan with sounds that compliment slope.

The melodies, leads and basslines are all great. Just work on sound design. Use lots of Automation that make the sounds unique and almost none-distinguishable from the original sound. like i said, layering really helps with this.

Yeah, layering…essential to music.