LimeZ - Nebulae [Dubhouse]

Here is Nebulae (which, obviously is the plural of nebula).

i like dubhouse it is a mix of dubstep and future bass

I was going for Dubstep and House :yum:

*ahem* You’re about a decade late on that one. :wink:
(I’m assuming it wasn’t you who coined the term 10 years ago.)

Jus’ sayin’ :wink:

(It’s the same issue when I hear the terms Progressive House and Dubstep. Both terms have been usurped.)

I changed it :stuck_out_tongue:
And no, that wasn’t me.

Didn’t anyone ever tell you… the internet is f o r e v e r !


So is family (and Auxy)

Nah :wink:

To me* ten character minimum

yeah lol i figured that

:sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses: Thought so.

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