LimeZ - equilibrium

Trying something a bit different here. Also… I feel that for the amount of followers I have, I don’t have enough recognition when it comes to my recent songs. Sorry, but I just had to say that.

Stay Fruity (and inspired)!


Def interesting and different. Was this demo sounds btw? like i was hearing a lot of them, but also thought there was some non-demo stuff mixed in there.

Great track regardless. The tension and buildup were a great lead into the chords of power.


dont worry about it too bad now tho. im sure you’ll find something of yours that blows up and starts turning heads.
Branching out to other platforms like discord, youtube (also means you have to use it), or audius (like soundcloud but new, so very active community) can also help just get your stuff heard and maybe make its way to the right crowd

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can relate
I love the track very nicely done!

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All of the sounds are pre 5.0 sound pack sounds (because that’s all I have)

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ah. makes sense then. lucky u tho. i dont have anything but demo sounds lol.