Limerence - by moemx / help me brainstorm for dope voice overs

I just realized (w @Hayvn) how awesome voice overs in a song can be! And since I want to incorporate this new found awesomeness into tons of new songs, I need you to brainstorm the very BEST, GREATEST, most INSPIRING and MOTIVATING Speeches / voice-over-samples you know!

I used Chaplins message to all humanity as a first session:

which means the bars is set way up there! :slight_smile: let me know if you got anything nice for me (and probably lots of others in the future as well) to play around with.



How about Martin Luther King Jr’s “I have a Dream” speech


Like Coldplay, use Barack Obama


Limerence was very beautiful. I loved it. With one of my own tracks (insert shameless self advertising here) krrhm… I was going for a similar feel. But if I would’ve had the ability to add something like this speech, it would’ve been way more tempting to listen through the whole track :confused:.
Anyways, great job on your track!

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man, listened through all of those precious 5:03 of that song – let’s work on a collab for the next voice-over-ish track?!

Sounds great!