Light - Ionut Rusu (minimal techno)

My first attempt at making music (minimal techno)

made 100% in Auxy

any feedback is welcome, thanks !

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For ur first attempt making music this actually incredibly good. The sounds sound good (with the exception of the hihats) and the structure sounds very progressive. The one problem I see that holds it back is the lack of transitions /fills to blend the different sections together. For this I would suggest listening to some techno and trying to find where the drums do a cool pattern at the end of a section. But other than that it’s great! :+1:

thank you very much Kensi for the feedback and encouragent, it means a lot for me ! it is fuel for keep going :slight_smile:

i would say, really good. a little bit more variation in the chords and melody would take it just a bit further. idk though maybe that’s just a techno thing.
SUPER well structured especially for a first try. (my first track wasn’t even a full song, it was just an arp, some drums, and a lead so consider me impressed)