Lie In Wait - Devoid of Joy
More of a soundscape than the usual racket I produce.


This sounds epic! You need to get hired to make a horror movie sound track!

Thanx! I’d be down for a score gig for a dark film.

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They should be reposting this instead of FutureBass

I have a confession. I don’t really know what future bass is :joy:


Give Produk and aUstin Haga a listen.

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I cannot define it with my own words accurately, but it’s like dance music except much heavier on the chords and the beat isn’t as danceable imo.


Not my song toxic tho, that’s a bit more on the lofi side :sweat_smile: (appreciate the shoutout dude)

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Of course! You and Produk invented it, made it unique. That’s why y’all two have the best FB tracks. It’s the generic stuff I’m not fond of.

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If anything we pioneered it for Auxy, def didn’t invent the whole genre :sweat_smile:

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But yeah, I can tell a lot of work went into this song! Great job!

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Thanks bud :+1:t2:

It’s the music you hear at the start of every YouTube video…

What’s good? It’s ya boi…

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Pretty tame in comparison than my usual listening materials, I’m guessing.
I’ll take a gander in a few days, I’m in authenticity mode (no listening to other’s music) for a while at least. I fear accidental plagiarism, that pesky subconscious brain remembers more than is realized.


I’d approach with caution.

A friend of mine listened to some a few weeks ago…
Since then his wife has left him, his car was stolen and his ding-dong fell off.

I’m not saying it’s directly related, but I will say that if you listen to future bass, your ding-dong will fall off.


You left out the part where my kids stopp his kids stopped respecting him.

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Actually @VJM @Devoid-of-joy true future bass, while it does have cool chordal structures and percussion, is more heavily defined by the percussion pattern and the automation throughout. It’s more than just going hard with chords”, it’s like taking all the sound channels you can hear and cascading through them with automation on those chords (not just “wubs”) and heavy shifts on the drum fills.

Try listening to some tracks released under the Phuture Collective network of labels, a lot of that would be considered true future bass and not what everyone refers to around here as “Auxy”-bass (which is by far tamer in comparison).

Update: there are artists within the community who have embraced the true experimental nature of true future bass but as for the ones referenced above, I don’t know.

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This does happen to me sometimes. I end up scrapping really good songs because they sound too similar to other artist’s tracks.

Great stuff!

I haven’t plagiarized your work consciously, since I attribute it when I sense a strong influence (like my Devoid of Noise track), but hopefully my subconscious isn’t running too far amok.

Ah, I’m not worried about my stuff being plagiarized. I like to think I use too ugly of noise that not many would want to saturate there brains with it while trying to write a whole song with it :joy:
Sometimes I think I’m already hearing the death throws my future hearing abilities.