Licensing and music use

Say someone where to actually gain a big following from the song would auxy check to see if it has someone’s loop in it that’s licensed ?

While you should ideally clear all non royalty-free loops / samples before using them in a track of your own, unless you’re raking in tons of revenue from said track or you’re a huge artist in and of yourself, you should be fine.


What? For the first time, I actually noticed the four unicorns on your username. Is it from contests you’ve won? Or did you just put them there…

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Arimyth isn’t a moderator for the disco, he got his unicorns from the logo for the auxy forum track of the week, from hosting the auxy forum awards, and creating the auxy collective.


What do you actually mean by clear the royalties ?

If you’re using sections of music from the demo loops (ie, the ones Auxy put out when they have a new soundpack) you’re ok. Arimyth is talking about non-cleared samples - ie, you lift a vocal from a song for a remix without contacting the original artist / publisher, or you use samples you found on “some website somewhere”.

If you lift parts out of other peoples projects, you gotta get their permission.

Sites like loopmasters,, cymatics etc all have royalty free loop packages you can buy and use in any way you want without having to come to some kind of licensing agreement beyond the purchase of their sample packs.

Okay Thankyou that clears up a lot so even if the song had a cc license on it for non commercial use and I took a view bits and pieces from a sample they said we could download I’m fine ?

And I’m just really lifting parts of a beat not necessarily any vocals I would take parts of a beat from something like this not the whole thing though

The featured tracks cannot be used without contacting the original creators, for sure. I know I’ve seen it’s a problem in the past around here (and other places, it’s not just unique to here).

You have to be very careful what you decide to sample / lift. Here’s a decent, short video from a lawyer / music enthusiast who works with Ableton (for Ableton?) -

It’s a very slippery slope.


I’ll watch it and Thankyou so much for your time . I think the only thing is I can’t find the creators who made the loops a year ago on auxy with the some of the loops from the song I made that’s on Apple Music and Spotify so I don’t really know if the CC license was on the loops or not . Any way to find out ?

Really depends on what you want to sample. If you’re looking to sample something from a big time artist I say good luck. If you’re looking to chew some stuff off what was in the featured tracks section more than likely the people responsible are here. @Foxlike && @BobTheGUYYYYY - if you were specifically talking about the 32-bit Funk track

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