Lex- Throwback Thursday [Nu-Disco]


Hiya! Here’s something a little different than what I usually make. This project was unfinished for quite a bit, and I got stuck, but I managed to push through despite the finished product being a kinda repetitive. I’m still proud of it though.

I tried my hardest to make it reminiscent of oldschool disco, hence the name “throwback Thursday”. Also it’s currently Thursday where I am so yeah!

Unpopular opinion: The vintage keys are probably one of my favorite sound packs. I just dig their sound. :>

Anyways feedback is appreciated as always!

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Lol at first, I was expecting Kesha to start rapping/singing whatever. Not a bad thing! She’s ok in my book. Just that was my FIRST thought.

I like the bubbly percussion quite a bit, very unique. Vintage keys are quite nice.

Disco a little out of my wheelhouse, nu-disco too. Last disco I listened to were the Bee Gee’s, like, decades ago. Was stuck on the Saturday Night Fever soundtrack for awhile there.

Anyway, I enjoyed the composition. Thanks for sharing!