Lex - Home in The Sky [DnB]


I did a DnB thing. Feedback is appreciated as always ^^

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I like it, I prefer heavier dnb but it’s great.

Did you chop up that amen break?

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Nope, i wish I did. it was in a sample pack heh :sweat_smile:

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Which sample pack if you don’t mind me asking?

Strong melodies, I’m with Pete on this one I prefer the darker more disgusting side of drum and bass, but, what you did here is good! Drum programming is on point, enjoy the samples you used. Good stuff, keep it up!

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I prefer more airy, light DnB myself hence why this is so light. Thanks!


I can PM it to ya if ya want ^^

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Yes please

Yeah that’s cool, I was just saying since I normally prefer that kind, the fact this was still in my wheelhouse is a good thing :smiley: