Letter - Coded Instruments (practice)

Hi all!
Here’s a little practice challenge for you all who are bored or something. Here’s how it works:

  • Create a song using only instruments, samples, and kits which match the letter chosen for the challenge.
  • This means that the first letter of the Instrument, sample, or kit should match the selected letter.
  • For example, if the letter F is chosen, you would choose instruments like Flamingo or Field, use kits like Fringe and use samples like Finger Click or Frame Drum.

Our first letter will be S

Good luck all!
Entries are due Friday at 12 (midnight), CT.
You are allowed a max of 2 entries
(please note there are no rewards and this is mainly for practicing your musical skills)


I do not even get a mention on your bio if I win?

I really do not actually care if I get a prize, as I have been waiting so a challenge for so long.


Another question, can I put in multiple entries?

  • I decided on S because it’s an easy letter. We’ll get harder letters in the future, if this challenge blows up.

Also, I’m not intending on there being any real entries for a contest or something like that, mainly because I’m not experienced enough to be put in the position of judging other people’s music when I cannot even judge my own.


Okay, got it.


First attempt yay!

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I was just working on a project where all the instruments started with P by pure coincidence. Noticing that, I thought it would be fun to do something like this! I don’t think I’ll participate though, so good luck everyone!


Okay! Here is mines :3



When are the entries due? Is it like once we get 10 entries or something?

I’d say due dates are by Friday at 12:00 am, CT. Then we can look at each other’s work, and we could vote on who’s song is the best for the challenge. Also, if we’re doing it this way, entries should be up to 2-4.

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question: are you allowed to add let’s say a riser to a drum kit, as long as the name starts with the letter S?

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Both the kit and the riser should start with an S, unless you are using an empty kit. If you’re referring to the riser starting with an S, the Drum kit can either be an Empty Kit, or one of the pre-kits. Does that help?

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Entries have ended! I kinda forgot about this thread, my bad. Now we can maybe vote on who’s is the best!

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Also I will be starting a new challenge later today

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I’m down for that.

Edit: when’s it starting?

In the challenge description it said 2 entries were allowed

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@Stardust I put in that detail after Aadam asked about it, sorry for the misunderstanding.
@Aadam The new challenge starts here


It’s fine, thanks for the clarification


bruh I was asking before he put that up.

oh my bad lol

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