Letter - Coded Instruments (letter T) No. 4

Hey guys! Welcome to the 4th practice challenge! This is based off by @BHR’s letter-coded instruments idea (I’m really real sorry BHR) & since I’m bored and finished school (I’m ready for middle school), I decided to inspire him. Now without further ado, here are the rules:

  • Create a song using only instruments, samples, and kits that match the
    letter chosen for the challenge.
  • This means that the first letter of the Instrument, sample, or kit should match the selected letter.
  • For example, if the letter B is chosen, you would choose instruments like Bo or Brocoli , use kits like Battery , and use samples like Big Light or Bright Clap .
  • Empty Kits are allowed as long as they contain only samples that start with the chosen letter for the challenge.
  • You can also use imported packs but with samples that only have the chosen letter for the challenge.
  • If you break one of these rules, you’ll be disqualified. Anyone got me?

Okay, we got through all the rules including the ones I made.
This challenge’s letter will be T

Good luck & wish you all the best, everybody!
Entries are due July 1 at 12 (noon), CT.
(please note there are no rewards and this is mainly for practicing your musical skills)
Okay that’s all I have for today! Thanks & have a great day. :kissing_heart:

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I just want to say: hope it all goes well!

This sounds really difficult…


Hey! Welcome to the community! It’s just a practice challenge, also make yourself at home!


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Anytime, my guy!

nobody participated… :cry: