Letter - Coded Instruments (letter G) WEEK 2

Hello again!
Here’s another practice challenge for you all who are bored. Week One’s challenge got attention, so I figured I’ll do it again. Here’s how it goes:

  • Create a song using only instruments, samples, and kits which match the letter chosen for the challenge.
  • This means that the first letter of the Instrument, sample, or kit should match the selected letter.
  • For example, if the letter F is chosen, you would choose instruments like Flamingo or Field, use kits like Fringe and use samples like Finger Click or Frame Drum.
  • Empty Kits are allowed as long as they contain only samples that start with the chosen letter for the challenge.

This week’s letter will be G

Good luck everybody!
Entries are due Friday at 12 (midnight), CT.
You are allowed a max of 2 entries
(please note there are no rewards and this is mainly for practicing your musical skills)


Dang, with samples included in this this is gonna be tough, unless we can use the samples used in the drum kit with the same letters as the instruments

You can use the samples from the pre-kits, yes, as long as they start with the chosen letter.

I’ll be in

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I might try

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I picked k but so I’m tryin to make a song with the 6 k instruments, the kicks, and the one impact

You can try out the letter K, but it will not count as an entry, as this week’s letter is a G. I’ll try to make it more noticeable in the title or something.

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Oh well :joy:


Fixed the transition before the drop.



Well dunno how but I think this turned out pretty cool. For the drums, I used grave and just copied and modulated the sounds to get what I wanted, other than that hope y’all enjoy! I might make it better later because I really like it. just decided to do it in an afternoon… :sweat_smile:

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Cool bro! :sunglasses:

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Just had a listen, and it’s really nice! Some of the sounds don’t qualify, though, but it sounds good

Thanks man, which sounds do not qualify?

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@BHR… lol I am such an idiot… :sweat_smile: I didn’t see synthetic steel… :roll_eyes: is that the only one that is not eligible, and if I take it out and repost the song, will it be fine? Thanks God bless!


Uuuuuummm u r welcome… for what?

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Oh I see, ur track… sorry 🤦

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Let me tell you what I thank you for…

That’s what I thank you for

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Thanks I’m sorry, I just saw it I am just very distracted right now​:sweat:… . anyway, have a blessed day man… :smiley:

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