Lets recreate Resonance - HOME in Auxy together


On it my dudes


glad to have you on board!


@Unfound I made some tiny tweaks but this is for the most part what we have so far: https://app.auxy.co/projects/T6CrSTCfEFTxfW-Hqkn9-g==

The picky climb part still needs the second 8 bars to make it fit with the original and the chord syncopation needs to be edited but I think we’re doing well so far


Welcome aboard!

Wait seriosly…Are you really Unfound?


E p i c

that’s actually awesome


Can I jump in after @Unfound?


It actually been a bit in organized so just whenever there’s a project file make sure rob take a look and we all can talk about revisions for the most accurate remaking


Wait im still lost is @Unfound really in auxy commmunity?
Because dude…Your music is JUST PERFECT.I really listen to your music on a daily basis.And i can clearly say that after HOME you are my favorite artist.You really give loads of inspiration to me!


Yup, it’s me! I use Auxy for a lot of my stuff nowadays. Also, thanks a ton for the compliments!


its also kinda cool that your music has been on Electronic Gems and now you’re helping out to remake another track on Electronic Gems


Haha am I too late to join?


Wow… that’s amazing


Never too late!


No problem.I can spit out compliments every second for an artist like you

I have one question though

How do you start making a track?

I never knew we had an Auxy artist that is featured on a big channel like Electronic gems.Super AMAZING


Can I start my part now?

Or is @Unfound going now?


If you have a contribution to make, just take the most recent project file (or best complete one) and add to it, the others that may be working on similar or other parts can then review yours if they see it before theirs is done or if they finish, you review theirs and then any differences can be discussed pertaining to accuracy in the recreation