Lets recreate Resonance - HOME in Auxy together


I’ve got that second section with the massive delay


Oo i want to hear :0


When I do it I’ll let you :wink:


I added the drums but the starting of the drums…I failed misarebly lol.And the drum sounds can be changed too


I tried to add the lowpass effect in the background but there is an effect on the lowpass that we dont have in auxy. I couldnt figure it out


It’s a very crude structure but I’ve got most of it. I still need to do the second half of the climb melody: https://app.auxy.co/projects/DWWU26SCXXpTzUyMYcb-yQ==


I added some modulation to the arp and made the drums sound more like the one in the song


Dude i dont understand how you get all of this right.You are amazing!
It missing some high notes other than that perfect.


I think the hi-hats dont fully fill though.Isnt it 3-3-3?


Hellooo?? Guys?
Any aditions?


I wish I could but I’m at work


Thats ok dude


How’s HOME going?


You mean Resonance? It’s definitely going! Check the most recent project file and compare to the video, it’s pretty good so far :blush:


Pretty good!


You’re right the hihats are 3-3


@Insolidarity @Destroyer_5009 Im sorry guys i am busy this week so probably i cannot make any progress on the song :frowning:


Don’t worry I’m gonna work on it


ooh this is a job for @Unfound


you can feel free to jump in if you want to also :upside_down_face: