Lets recreate Resonance - HOME in Auxy together


I cant get enough of this chill/synthwave/vaporwave song
it gives me nostalgia to a time that didnt even happen…Purple Neon lights…Delorean…Futuristic cities…

Since i really liked this song i wanted to make a remake on auxy…But i failed badly…

I was wondering can anyone make a remake of the entire song on auxy or just even a snippet of the song! I am really excited for the results.

KEY: Ab Major
BPM:170(i really dont understand how but according to internet its 170)

New Subscription Sounds- December

Well, I clicked on this thread expecting to find a Recreation of Resonance - HOME in Auxy, since that’s what it says.

Doesn’t look a lot like that. Update the title, please


Sorry for the inconvenience.


Dude if you send me something to start with I’ll help you gladly!!! I’ve been trying so hard to get the right combo of low pass an static but a second person would help greatly!


Ok dude ill starting trying this over again right away! btw which synth did you use for the intro?


Ok this is what i got so far https://app.auxy.co/projects/4MI6Y1I1Wu_ImCqCMaM-vQ==
its bad xD but its a start.


This is something I’m really interested in. I only worked on it for like 5 minutes before bed but here you go: https://app.auxy.co/projects/lBgKojZ3LwRgHg0lrmxzYA==


Thanks! Ill work on it asap


Ok first of all we’ve gotta have the right chords and actually noticable rhythm so I’m on that



Here are the correct chords and bass and all we need is to get the melody line above the chords and the delayed pew instrument that comes in in the 17th bar of the song


I’m gonna go ahead and do that


Dudeeee you nailed the chord progression.This is the same melody.Ok so if you realised theres an effect that keeps changing at first i thought it was low-pass filtet but i dont think thats the case.What do you think it is.And btw there is a static sound in the background


Here’s an updated version with the melody overlayed on the chords https://app.auxy.co/projects/agnMAR6c73YZlLAou2o4Ug==


The affect is where it’s a bit compressed and in the chords there should be some notes shorter than others. I’ll fix that later


I added in the crackle


You can use this as a foundation if you want.



Really? It sounds like a plugin effect that is interesting


I mean im no expert. It’s probably something like that


Hmm ok i will work on the drums because the 2nd melody that comes in is really hard to do for me


I gathered what you guys did. I changed the June synth to match with the main one but im not quiet sure that i did it wrong.What do you guys think does the june fit?