Let Go & Move On - Kash Fayyaz (WIP)

Hi Guys,

First ever post of one of my beats.

Have been using Auxy for about 9 months.

Any feedback, request for collabs, remix requests etc. all welcome.




Hey man.
Okay some honest Feedback: first: think about getting rid of of the genre within the title and use more hq pictures :smiley:

Musically: i can’t really hear a clear buildup / lowering within your structure, it all just happens somehow by surprise (use of automations recommended) and I’m missing some chords to set the mood. Something to base the marimba on, u know? That would give it some feels…

Hope that helps. Keep it up :slight_smile:

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Thank you much appreciated.

In terms of posting the tune, I’ll do exactly as youve suggested, I think that makes sense.

With regards to your musical suggestions I was using the old Auxy software which I found quite difficult to lay tracks down on.

I downloaded Auxy Disco recently and created this, which I think aligns with your buildup/lowering and mood recommendations - which I think are absolutely spot on btw.

Touchy Walrus

Let me know your thoughts.


This is actually pretty darn dope my man! :smiley:
Has a nice dark clubby vibe to it. Well done :ok_hand:t3:

I could imagine a different clap with more reverb, a little less intensity etc, to make it less ‚housy‘ and More deep techno that it is. Noice

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Thanks dude…

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