Legion - tornait [Dn'B, Wip]


Another attempt at DnB. Thoughts?

(For those wondering about my first attempt: https://soundcloud.com/tornait-angel-city/party)


Dig it. There are some really awesome melodic ideas in here, the hummus lead especially really hooked me.

I wanted to hear what it sounded like with sampled breaks so while on my commute to work I jerked around with it a little. There’s a one bar scene of silence then a bit of a reimagining. https://app.auxy.co/projects/BbhkiRHTV5XKFgQBbJvfpw==

Anyway, keep working on it! Your progression is solid looking forward to where it goes


Ooooh dnb

Are you joining dnb gang as well?:wink:

Okay so the drums are good, I’d only add some more hats.
Also I’d add automation for sweet saw in scene 4, because it comes in randomly. For the rest, I like it! Really good job



I know that this not that good, and I will need to update it.

Not bad at all! I really love your melodic approach. YOU DO DEM MELODIES REAL GOODLIKE, YA HEAR? I’d like to hear some hi-hat variation in it. Or just some general percussion variation to give it some chop. All in all, great start! Stoked to see where this goes!


Alrighty then, I’mma polish this up. Had Wipeout on the brain when coming up with this track, and Pasta makes an awesome bass.