Least favorite sound in Auxy?


The utter confusion, lol


you forgot rydon


Oh yeah there’s Rydon


Peg: I use this one for short arpeggiated lines, works fine if tweaked properly.


Ha, those are about the only sounds i’m using from the destiny pack.


look it up


I think it is ‘Mania’
It’s just off and it’s pitch is all over the place.


For me, it has to include sounds from the Destiny sound pack. The sounds from that pack rip my ears because the high frequencies are so loud, not to mention that the sounds are an octave too high. Don’t get me started on the fact that they take a whole millennia to bend.


If anyone says Freak I’ll be heartbroken :frowning:






I like mania. There are no sounds which I outright dislike but there are a ton which I never use.


Got that right. I do like the bending though, we were in desperate need of bending basses. However, to not have any of that customizable (like it is on Gossip and Hour) is a bit frustrating.

Not to mention that glare is pretty useless. It’s almost as bad as bumble ;3

Mascara is cool though, it works really well with Hour. I just don’t use any of the pack enough at all, only a few of the basses around when it came out and only recently for a few songs.
They layer relatively well for house.


like @TheRealJFalc said, it’s useless… I’m not too keen on glare.


srsly tho freak isn’t bad, i’ve gotten some legit good uses out of it

if i had to choose, my least fav would prob be mania


Agreed on that. Freak is pretty good. The main reason why people think it’s not good is because the shape of it doesn’t always give the best sound. I’ve used it as a strong solo lead in the past and it works really well layered in the times I did use it actually.


I personally find glare to be a really nice sound. I’ve used it a handful of times as a backing sound or for arpeggios. Spray is great for layering leads or layering chords. On low octaves, spray does awesome chords. Also blend is a really nice bass for low frequencies with a little bit of texture added.


Also, tonsil with lots of lowpass on low octaves can make some nice chords. But I will agree it’s a very distinctive sound that’s very situational.


Bow probably


Take back bow.