Least favorite sound in Auxy?


I know this will sound weird but I have found literally zero use for any of the guitars or sweet pads as of yet.


Same, but I use bold steel a lot, because it can sound like a mandolin when the notes are one octave up


I think Vacuum kind of sounds like a Clarinet, but at higher octaves, it doesn’t sound like a Clarinet. I still use Vacuum but rarely


I’m inclined to agree for the most part. Aside from Spray and Mascara which I use regularly (Love the bend on Mascara too), I just haven’t found any use for them. The pack released at an awkward time for my music when I was struggling to find inspiration to produce, and I was focusing more on understanding the new drum samples. When the newer packs rolled around my attention shifted to those, making me forget about Destiny (and Boom Basses for that matter).

Also, Glare is just… all kinds of weird.




I love marble


But… glare… ;-;

I actually really like glare. It’s a pretty neat sound and I’ve found some cool uses for it.


I like most of the Destiny sounds, I just don’t prefer the tweaks and what they do. They don’t really do what I wish they did to the sounds, so I don’t usually automate the tweaks, and they stay constant throughout the song (though I don’t leave it at default tweaks either).


Vapor and Vessel in Destiny Pack or Twig in the Original Pack

Interestingly enough I had a heart on twig meaning I either liked it by accident just right now or a while ago, orrr I could’ve actually found it to be useful in one of my songs. As I rarely “like” them unless I really like them or am using it for a project and need to keep tabs on them.


they’re lovelyyy lol


I love Tonsil and the basses in that pack, other instruments… not so much


is that in the original pack?


nvm, just checked and it is :slight_smile:


Bumble and freak lol. Freak is actually good for dubstep. But lol dubstep is dead guys.(Dubstep fans gets triggered)


Trap style dubstep is still good


Yeah you are right


You mean Hybrid Trap?


I love June! It has such a chill feel to it.


stuff like skrillex where its more trappy but uses dubsteppy sounds


Hm, I don’t listen to enough electronic music to be able to know that off the top of my head xD sorry.

There’s a lot of sounds I don’t end up using often, but I don’t necessarily hate those sounds or find them my least favorite. I do like Destiny’s selection, but for my style some of it is very unwieldy.

And for those who keep dissing on Vacuum, just gonna say that Journey was the worst sound from AP-002. That one is way more useless, and Vacuum is godly. Pair that thing with June, b o i.