Least favorite sound in Auxy?


It should be in effects with Sweeper I think

Speaking of which we need more of those!


If you modulate it well and use it at different i stages and even stacked, it can sound great. I use it as a dub wub in https://soundcloud.com/roccasounds/ostentatious u can hear it as an effect playing in a triplet rhythm


I do, but it has no melodic benefit. It’s a lead sound, but as Bob put it eloquently, it should just be another effect sound, in my opinionz


That’s arguable. I think even if something has melodic benefit, only playing one note sounds good anyway! Sometimes noises are good and can play a big part in a song. Maybe the real challenge is making that noise then main lead in a song ;1


I really hate things in the Orignal Sounds like Bow, Stray, and Story.


Yeah I haven’t used Stray is a single track…


Either I’m blind or I’m blind but I can’t find stray? Is that a sound?


I think you mean spray


He means strain


Never mind


whoops typo my bad XD

edit: yea i meant strain


By the way, i really don’t like Silo. has anyone been able to use it well?


YEAH NAH no thanks


I’ve used strain for an interesting riser once, and silo for a really funky lead.


It works well with synthwave or anything with a retro feel


How the heckle deckle do I use weld


Yeah I’ve used silo very well




yoy wow wubba sjab sjob


wub wub yeow chuggua chugga