Least favorite sound in Auxy?





It’s not that marble is hard to use… it’s that it’s hard to use and sound good.





I disagree. Did you hear the collab I did with SpaghettiSauce? That’s marble on those chords. If you automate the lowpass and volume it works really well, especially with the stutter effect. And it sounds amazing.

In terms of least favorite to actually use, I’d actually argue that I really dislike using Slope. Only because I hate that I have to use it to get that sound, making me wish that we had more sounds like that. Makes me wish 7 Skies could release his Get Low pack on Auxy, it’s beefy.


Wait, rereading this while working at O’Reilly made me think. Are you saying that my demo project sounds bad?


Nah the song itself is great, just I think it would sound better if you used something instead of marble :slightly_smiling_face:


I see


I thinks ill just create my own haha


Care to show us something that WOULD work better than marble?


wOAh epic drama alert!!! ok this is kinda epic!!!


No drama. I’m just genuinely curious and it’s an honest question! I’m not trying to cause drama or anything of the sort!


Maybe this could be an example of marble idk


You could boost the 808 kicks in the Leviathan 2 pack to loud volumes and use those as individual 808 hits. That would be an option. I’d recommend 19, as it has a long sustain.


I usually do 808 kick 8 at like 85% volume and lowpass 40% – 80% based on the rest of the mix


good question though


Maybe something like this? https://app.auxy.co/projects/vl_pAzoP8OShmh5ou_Vzzw==


That’s actually…

way better than what I put…


I’m using subway for a melody. Not chords, though. I’m also using bumble for another melody in the same song. I’m planning on uploading it today.


Bro I see you got an old project with the original drum kits. If you want I can make a project with all the original and some other drum kits I have. I still own Auxy 4.1.3


I can make a project with all the original drums and some other drum kits I have. I still own Auxy 4.1.3