Least favorite sound in Auxy?


Just me then I guess :man_shrugging: I don’t listen to this kind of stuff often


Yeah I’m more of a 4 on the floor guy but not to boast but I can make almost any genre. Which is pretty difficult but it has many advantages


I would love an 808 in Auxy with minimal attack


I mean, I didn’t disagree :wink:



It all makes sense now


I’m on it


Somebody already did it


For interested parties




Pound for pound, punch is still awesome. There’s really a lot of good stuff in the OG sound library


Fields and panda are some of my favs from the OG


More variations would be nice


Boom Basses


…Without the attack


Some of the Boom Basses don’t have nearly as much attack as say, Bomb or Dirt. Specifically, Hug and Push are the two main ones with a weaker attack at the front.

If you need alternate sub basses, I’d highly recommend checking out Crater, Pasta, Lake, Bubble and Velvet. While these are not 808’s in the same way Punch and the Boom Basses are (and as @blakkaz points out none of them are true 808’s but I digress), they serve the same purpose.


Something I’ve been doing to reduce attack on 808s is to drop the low pass filter a bunch at the start of a note and then bring it back up quickly. Usually works but is also kind of inconvenient.


Vapor sounds good if u mess around with the lowpass. Trust me I thought it was such a sh*t sound but now it’s one of my main features in some of my progressive house songs.


Tip for everyone, don’t judge a sound without messing around with it first to see what u can make out of it using tweaks and such


This is something that I’ve taken into consideration and has actually helped me a lot regarding instrument choice and variety