Least favorite sound in Auxy?


The 4 years I’ve been with Auxy, I’ve never used bumble. Even tho bumble didn’t exist until about two years ago


Check out Auxy Sound Wiki btw ;3


I use bumble as a sub bass


I haven’t either! I should check it out!


Excuse me how
The last thing I’d use bumble for is a sub


With what modulations?


I’ll show you


This’ll be interesting


Bumble is very strong in the low ranges and is actually in the same octave as most of the sub basses. It’s a sine-based waveform so it works much like an 808 actually would. It’s also highly overdriven with the filter, giving it a very high-resonant sort of distortion.


My subs are:
Lake & Pepper. Mostly lake though


I love lake and punch


Why don’t yall just use boom basses :thinking:


PS if anyone has the demo project for Civil Disobedience or a copy of the song, could you please send it to me? It’s sorta gone >~<


I do sometimes


Because 808’s are more for trap/dubstep etc genres. Not for what I make.


I use them sometimes when I make Fbass or melodic dubstep


Ah ye. The boom basses do kinda have an annoying attack u can’t get rid of too


Tell me if it’s effective in one of my tracks https://soundcloud.com/roccasounds/trapped @3:25


In the drop the baseline is pretty good but I feel like it could’ve matched the lead better

As for the sound itself, it sounds pretty gud to me. Maybe try lowpassing boom basses a little bit


For the drop I wanted it to be pretty noticeable. And, I disagree to matching the lead, it followed the same baseline as for the previous original choruses. U need to listen to whole track, coz the part I showed u acts as a hook sorta thing. But it goes well with the lead, so not really sure what u mean by that