Least favorite sound in Auxy?


That’s what I thought!
They added more filters everywhere else and yanked ‘em from the drum kits. I have just given up using them. Don’t think I’ve used them at all in the past 5 or so tracks. Given Most of my stuff is experimental and noisey, so quantized drums never fit quite right. Might use a kick every once in a while.


??? please elaborate


do I really need to tho? it’s pretty self-explanatory


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i’ve never reacted that way to feedback but okayyyyyyyy


I’m talking about your sei account not your facade account bröeth


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And the winner is @facade


@MisterMaster Can you please remove my comments from this thread/topic/whatever it’s called? I don’t wanna spread around any more “toxicity”.


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Oof I wasn’t expecting this… anyways I have been messing around with delay, pitch bend and reverb for blob and freak if you mess around with them a lot it’s quite satisfying to hear the outcome😁


I use freak sometimes


Before the days of Hipster Horns I used blob. Blob is underrated tbh


Give us an example of blob


Blob is underrated because it can be done really well. It’s just rather unwieldly and people end up passing it up. Same goes for Bumble and a bunch of the other OG sounds.


True dat, I haven’t really used the hipster horns pack much, occasionally I’ll use one of the sounds to mix in and layer my riser