Least favorite sound in Auxy?


all sounds are beautiful, they all are crafted so nicely.


You are back


The statement that @AnirudhKhanna said is entirely false. It’s how you compose the song that gives it feeling. Songs in major can sound sad and serious while minor songs can sound like you want to party


What i said was a joke. And was like a year ago. I am entirely aware that you can use whatever key you want…


incorrect opinion detected




really only mania since i can’t be bothered to move it a few notes up to make it sound right


Story from original sounds.


SELECT ALL AND DRAG. It is simple.


self deprecation is unprofessional


Will do


suddenly remembers the 8-bit soundpack


Geez, I literally use most of the stuff that everyone hates. That explains a lot I suppose. Honestly I just started to use the subscription samples on my newest track, so I don’t know half of the samples.
I do hate all the drums though, ALL OF THE DRUMS.


suddenly remembers this is the LEAST favorite sound thread, not the most useful sound thread, get out




Why do u hate all of the drums?


when you call out Produk but you just end up proving his point


Not for me, i’m not the kinda person to use any 8-bit instrumenta


The drums all feel shallow or flat. I think if there were more modulations or filters I’d use them more. My analog drum machines are flat as well, so I run them through a few pedals to make them less boring.
I rarely use them anymore, I just use delays, high-pass, and low pass to build my own.


What really sucks is that drums had more options for modulation before the devs overhauled the system…