Least favorite sound in Auxy?


What is your most unliked or unused sound in Auxy? Mine would have to be autumn or bumble.

What is the worst sound in auxy?
Which Auxy instruments do you like most?

Freak. Its too freaky (no pun intended).


Maybe scarf. I used to like it but then for me it sounds good only in one very particular setting making it not that nice to use. Too nasally overall.


Bumble is a tough one man…


Freak, bumble, strain etc


Another thing that triggers me is when people use subway as a melody or make chords with gossip. Awful.




for me, Peg and Gossip are really hard to use well


Marble, Muffin, and Bow


I want to say silk just to trigger everyone x3 but in terms of actual sounds the one I’ve avoided using was bumble. I dunno why, I just couldn’t get it to behave xD It just kept buzzing around, like a bumblebee -rimshot-


Scarf is awesome! :open_mouth:


Silo. Not a huge fan of Joker as well.


I thought you loved Silo D: and joker is cool xD however I wasn’t a big fan of the basses in AP-004


Hehe lol not really. I mean the tone automation is cool but idk where to use it. Joker’s nice for creepy songs I guess, but that’s not really my thing.

The basses in AP-004 are awesome! Purr is the best xD


half of my songs

a few of my songs

all of my songs…
with layers :nerd_face:


Listen to my song The Winter. I use subway for the drop😉



Oh yeah how could I forget marble


Bumble and Bo


i overuse bo so much

it’s so damn good


Oh really? I’m a dubstep kind of guy so…yeah.