Launching my Merch Store!

In order to expand my brand, I’ve launched a merch store on DesignByHumans. There is only one design available at the moment, but I have more on the way. Really excited even though I probably won’t profit much. But hey, if you’re a fan, why not buy some cool lookin’ clothes? I think a merch store is a great way to connect with your fans in a way that purchasing music doesn’t. Because wearing a shirt with someone’s name on it is a form of promotion. It can help you build your audience!

However, I’d only recommend doing this if you have a big enough following (I probably don’t but oh well) and if you can get your design done from a trusted and quality source (I hired work from Fiverr). That’s my input!


I’m a fan!

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But I don’t have dollars ;-;

Design looks pretty cool! :fire: