Late Flight - Tropical Auxy Remake

Hey guys. Have you ever used the old Auxy app? Well I have it on my ipad because I couldn’t download the newer Auxy due to it being a 3rd Gen. But I brought back Late Flight as the same as usual. I just took the main track and put it together.

I played around and couldn’t think of any parts but I can send you the link to the Auxy Project if you want to mess around with it. I already have all the main parts in the project so if your feeling bored or something I have a project for you.

Hope you enjoy this two minute-half song that the old Auxy app has brought to us back then.

Late Flight

Auxy Project- Late Flight Project

It sounds crappy because I only used the parts that Auxy gave to the app. (That didn’t make much since.)

Instruments from the original soundpack you mean. Lol tbh that was really good considering you only had those options. Well made


Thanks. I know they didn’t bring all the sounds back from the old version, so I just used the closest one that I could find.

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