Lapah - Singer needed

Hello everyone! I have just finished a new song and I am wondering if there is any singer in the auxy community that is willing to sing in it. I haven’t figured out any lyrics yet. Here is the project file:


I’d consider it for sure, but I don’t know if you have any money to pay with. Lol

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I don’t :frowning_face:

Wanna do it for free? :star_struck::wink:

you can always use text to speech


Well if heiakim had anything to say here, it would be “text to speech is all you ever need”


I guess I’ll try text to speech then, thanks for the advice! Do you have any recommendations on websites or applications?

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Tts is iffy though, and i’m not just saying that so you’ll pay me. Lol

no fam is a meme. U’d have to do so much extra work with that to even make it sound useable. Tho i guess if you want you could buy a vocal synth (vocaloid or something similar) tho that’s a whole new work setup and app in of itself and would def cost more than anyone you could pay to sing here


I might. Haven’t done much pop singing at all but I’ll listen and see what I can do.

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Well I guess I was expecting more futurebass kinda thing. This sounds like a simple Post Malone beat but I think hecc will do a better job here.

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What do you think about this project then? @eohr

Ill check it out

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we still use wubs?


wubs are still great. wasnt just a trend for me at least (and not for lapah either)

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@eohr Dm me if you’re interested in singing in the song or not.

im pretty busy at the moment, so i dont think i will be able to work on something like this until this winter.

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Ok, no worries!