Knob twiddlers unite

Can someone direct me to the group of heads who are into 6’s new implementations and enjoy turning the knobs and sliding the sliders to make these sounds get weird?

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I’ve always been trying to push the Auxy sounds to see what they can do. Were you wondering about something in particular?

Probably good to have a look through here

No just don’t see much of it here, haven’t gone deep deep diving, but seem to come across much more of the plain jane varieties knobs-turned-up-if-touched-at-all than any kind of funkiness in the dials.

Seen this, thanks. More of a who than a how question. Just seek like minded inspiration that I can see as well as hear

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Oh, fair, well count me in that group lol. My only complaint I guess is that I can’t get them weird enough.

@Devoid-of-joy has a penchant for twisting the ever loving life out of everything in this app, even pre version 6. Amazing stuff, so he falls here too :slight_smile:

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Hi hello yes, fellow knob twiddled here.

@Devoid-of-joy @NotMiles and @iammane are definitely some of my faves among soundscape scientists :ok_hand:

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You rang?



I suppose I twist some knobs here and there.
Been trying to break Auxy for three years now :joy:
Minimal instrumentation and a max amount of automations and distortions.

Had a listen, sir. Instant fan. Will definitely delve farther into your work.

twiddling knobs is fun and it works : D

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@Dadmother @dysk0 I like to consider myself a soundscape scientist with how deep I can get reverb and stuff like that. I’m pretty low level tho, no crazy distortions, not unless you count one of my old tracks

The really unfortunate thing about David Guetta is every time I see him all I can think of is Shawn Chatfield from Mega64… oh well.


I’m not sure what ya started with but I’m glad you dig it. My stuff is all over the place but usually pretty noisy.