Klevgrand - Grand Finale (mastering app)

Klevgrand (another awesome Swedish company) have just released their mastering app Grand Finale on iOS. Might be a good alternative to services like Landr…?

Grand Finale is a multi effect tool designed for finalizing complete mixes, stems, buses and/or individual audio tracks. It offers several modules in a pre-routed configuration. Each module has parameters to alter, and most modules offer a set of algorithms to select. These features come together to make Grand Finale a powerful tool for quickly finalizing a track, bus or mix.


Looks good.

I have the Final Touch app, but never used it.

I’d have to learn more about the role of each part, but Grand Finale looks like it could be a better environment (UI) to learn as I go.


In the interim, I’ve been leaning on the automated mastering from Bandlab. It’s the lazy approach, but it definitely improves the quality (and character) of the stuff I output from Auxy.

I picked this up the other day. It’s pretty cool and very user friendly. It’s basically set up in a fashion where you can just tweak till your heart’s content and not really worry about screwing things up as there is a global bypass option and one for each little module. Also, it works, in terms of making things sound better. Even if you just want to boost your overall level, you can do that with no hassle. Shouldn’t even be mentioned with Landr as you are still making the decisions in this app. Overall, I’d recommend it if you’re looking to to do some efficient polishing of your tracks, the key word being efficient, not half baked, not automated like Landr, just efficient DIY. And also I don’t have experience necessarily with mastering processes and this is one of those things that I don’t mind learning on, but I think you can get results immediately, better results with experience

I’d be interested to hear an example of your ‘before and after’ versions – to see what a relative n00b can achieve.

Having trouble uploading my stuff to Dropbox, didn’t want SoundCloud cause of whatever they do to the audio, BUT here’s a demo video by a mastering noob, tweaking some fairly decently mixed material, which you should have no trouble putting in there.

Hah, can always rely on thesoundtestroom. :+1: :slight_smile:
(I should resub.)


So I tried using this to master an Auxy track the other day and…Auxy’s “mix intelligence” and I assume the multiband compression going on under the hood actually meant that there was very little to do. You can easily boost the output to a more preferable level but all the other stuff was unnecessary on an Auxy track and made it sound worse if I tried to use even a little bit more compression. So big thumbs up for Auxy once again.

Now my non Auxy stuff benefited greatly from Grand Finale

Pretty similar results here, tested on my latest Auxy track and it seemed to make the overall volume a bit higher and widened up the mix a bit. But there wasn’t a HUGE difference when A/B’ed. I’ll continue to use it I think but I agree, what Auxy natively puts out is very decent IMO :slight_smile:

Yeah I think we can safely say Auxy’s raw output is right on the level. Maybe you boost the output a small bit but not much more. Now I ran some raw iKaossilator through there and man, never thought iKaossilator could sound that great.

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