kiP -> Polar (name change & more)

Hey guys! I am changing my alias from kiP to Polar. I’ve been planning on changing for a while, as I haven’t been a big fan of my original name. I’m posti this just to let people know about this. Don’t want any confusion. Note: my name on disco should be changed soon, I’ve contacted a mod about it.

Also, shameless self plug; I dropped a new song just now.

And my new soundcloud link is

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I’d prefer something that isn’t actually a real thing. Or spell it some unique way. That way it’s easier to look you up. That may sound hypocritical but I changed only a few months ago. So I won’t change it till like next year

Just add official to the end of your name, it’s easier to look up (not really joking here it’s actually what most artists do xD)

I guess the “official” thing is a bit of a meme here though, so it may be better not to? I dunno

I’ll keep the ‘official add on’ in mind for the time after 500st subscriber :smiley: