Kinda fresh doe wip

Way far from being finished and is a bit different from what I usually do.

Add whatever but mainly add a natrual sounding build up

Bro thats dope also what sample do you use for your track?

Wdym “sample”?

Sample pack that you have used in your song

My own sample pack and a couple of cymatics samples

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You use Brook, KSHMR & The FLM Gang samples too.


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Then why did you say you only have your own samples & some cymatics sample packs?

Because those the only ones I noticed when I quickly checked the samples

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Oh okay.

Dang your good, I did something with it, added ALOT, and would like your feedback :+1:

Dang it’s been a hot minute since I heard this track

Well it’s a good remix. I especially liked how you kept the main elements of the track while still making it your own.
I do recommend not having so much instruments on at once. Or have them work together to make a melodic masterpiece
Other than that keep it up man

Thank you! :upside_down_face: