Kicoh - Matik [Future Bass]

Feedback is appreciated!


Super cool! I love the volume swells with the punchy drums. Definitely looking forward to more of your stuff :+1:t3:

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Thank you! I have a couple remixes and an EP coming soon so you’ll have that to look forward to!

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Noice! Some reverb would make the song sound even better tho. :stuck_out_tongue:

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yee boi

I find myself saying this a lot lately…

I think this needs to be finished as a vocal track. I think it could be killer.
Listening to it for the first time, I could already imagine vocal lines.

At only 2’45", you’ve got plenty of wiggle room left to build additional parts.

Incidentally, what does ‘kicoh’ mean?


You should sort out your tagging.

Tagging it as #kicoh as the primary genre isn’t really going to do you much good.
(I don’t actually understand why some people tag a track using the track title or their artist name. It’s a waste of an important element.)

I’d use #futurebass (one word. It’s the more popular form, according to a quick Google check).
I’d also add #future bass as an additional tag.

Without adding the #futurebass or #future bass tags, your track isn’t going to appear in searches for that genre.

Similarly, the automated algorithms used by Soundcloud won’t identify your track as Future Bass, so won’t automatically add it to automated playlists and recommendations.


I’ll start by saying, Liked and Reposted and I’ll be sure to check out the rest of your stuff. :+1:
Not really my genre, but that intro and the song-like structure really appealed to me.

OK, so…

Intro & ‘Verse 1’ [0’00 – 0’36"]

That opening segment is very strong. Veeery hooky. (Can easily imagine a vocal over the top – and can certainly imagine hearing that in a major track.)

I love the fact that you had the 1-bar gap before the drop. I was hoping for it (and, again, it really lends itself to a short vocal element there to push into the drop — e.g. a strongly spoken phrase like ‘You got me!’, used as a punchy fill on the 11, 13, 15 steps of that bar).

(That’s just the thing that sprang to my mind.)

Drop 1 [0’37" — 1’12"]

There’s a lot of space in there, and that’s a great sound. However, I felt it needed something subtle underneath it. Some sustained chords, just to add colour and texture to the white space.

I think having a bare drop with lots of white space would be great as a Bridge*, but it feels a little raw there, imo. To much contrast, when the listener possibly was expecting something a little more lush that they can ‘sink into’.

’Verse 2’ [1’12" – 1’47"]

Here, I think it would benefit from another layer. This ‘should’ have a touch more energy than ‘Verse 1’, so that it feels a little different from Verse 1, plus to add the feeling that it’s all building towards something.

Perhaps carrying through some of the sustained chords from the drop, although pulled back – e.g. using the same chords as the verse, but using subtle sustained chords.

Alternatively, a small counter-melody or tonal effect.

Possibly both.

Drop 2 (Bridge?) [1’47" – 2’24"]

This feels too stripped back, but actually works as a Bridge, rather than Drop 2.

Outro [2’24" – END]

I like it. It brings the energy back to a light finish.

The sound you’re using in the ‘verses’ sounds a little like a mechanical pipe organ.

I’d consider trying a ‘slowing down’ effect. A slow ‘tape stop’ effect.
To achieve this, you’d probably need to render out that passage, bring it back in as a sample, then using Pitch automation to simulate slowing down.

Just a thought.


Structurally, it’s currently an A-B-A-(b)-A structure.
I think that works OK, but I think you’re winding down right at the point when you should be ramping up.

  • I’d start to build over the second half of the Bridge [2’06" — 2’24"].
  • Insert a 1-bar pause at 2’24"…
  • Slam in a full-on Drop after the pause. Pull out all the stops. This is the energy peak of the track.
  • You could potentially repeat this Drop again, adding a little detail on top, to make it slightly different.
    Good options for this including layering a lead sound, to add texture to it, and give it a slightly different feel to the preceding version.

This would turn it into an A-B-A-C-B-A structure, which I think would feel more complete and satisfying.

Anyhoo, a great piece of music with loads of potential. :+1: :slight_smile:


Wow man, thanks for the input! :sweat_smile::joy:

I’ll be sure to remember this for when I make a track next time!

If you think there’s value in the feedback, why not use it on this track?

(Tbh, if I’d known you weren’t interested in possible changes to this track, I probably wouldn’t have bothered posting.)

I wasn’t entirely looking to change the track, I was kinda just looking for feedback on the problems in this track so I can learn from what I didn’t do well, and produce a better result the next time I make a track.

This feedback you’ve written was, in my book, of good value, it’s just the only thing is that I’d rather use this feedback on a new track instead.

Fair enough.
(I just think it’s a shame, because I don’t think the track’s as good as it could be – and, imo, it could be something that breaks through.)

Everyone’s entitled to their opinion, at least then I’ll know to improve on those areas next time.

Perhaps I could make a thread asking for advice on future tracks next time :+1:t3: