kheeshKP - Untitled [Dnb] [Project] [WIP] [Feedback?]

Plans for next release, this is what I have so far. Suggestions appreciated. Thanks!

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I am REALLY digging this!

First off, the arps at the beginning of the project pretty much reminds me of nothing but MC Bomfunk’s “Freestyler”.
Next, the feeling of the song is very unique, especially for Drum and Bass. I’m looking forward to see what more you can create in the future. Another than that, the drop is a slight-but repetitive, but I’m taking a guess and say that you’re going to fix it before it’s initial release.
In my opinion, adding some female vocal chops in between the drop would make the song sound more crisp.

Overall, 9/10.

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Thanks a lot! I’m definitely taking your advice into consideration. :smile:

Hey I added some stuff so tell me your thoughts, btw there needed to be some down parts not too light sounding :wink: