Kayasho - Love is in the Bin Folder (Japanese Label "Local Visions" Release date March 25th)


I was invited to participate in a compilation album “Oneironaut” from a Japanese 80’s, Synthwave, Vaporwave label “Local Visions
This Album’s concept is “Dream”.
Genre is Ambient, Chill, Fusion, 80’s vibes, Free-Genre etc.


It will be released on March 25th.
(Bandcamp, iTunes, Spotify, Soundcloud, etc)

Btw i participated using only Auxy.
My song genre is Hybrid Fusion.


Coming Soon.


素晴らしい!Man, your arrangements do good things to my mind🤙




Wow! Can’t wait to hear it!




Could you maybe post a teaser or something so it’s not just a hype thread? Try to avoid that. Thanks! And congratulations that’s super exciting!