Kamal - Setup (chill trap)


Made this track on fl20. Hope you guys enjoy


Umm. Isn’t this supposed to be in the Post your tracks! (tracks not made in Auxy) topic?

Maybe :man_shrugging:t5:

Well ofc it should be there. If you made something in FL or Abelton, It has to be there lol.

@Dadmother, split this topic & lock it. Make sure people can see this in the not tracks made in Auxy topic.




When I posted my topic about my new song made in ableton, you know what happened to it? @iammane locked it & split the topic in the tracks not made in Auxy topic. I hope thats accurate. You gotta do the same bro.


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fl20 is an unreleased version of Auxy

Exactly bro

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What do you mean by “:scream::scream::scream:”? It’s certainly not made in Auxy. Get that on your mind! jeez.