Kaiju (Electro House, WIP)


Wanted to make a track in honor of the new Godzilla movie. However, that’s when the block hit hard. Feeling better about it now, but I’d like to hear some more ideas.


I like it!

Don’t be afraid to think you can add upon this. In fact, I’d like to see what people come up with.

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That’s really good, I like the electro house vibe, add a nasty drum kit and you’ll hear a great improvement, take inspiration off the Auxy published songs and add a nice terraced drum pattern, change up the melody add a little structure with a punchier bass. I really like the subtle pitch bends, defo repost with finished product​:+1::+1:


Agreed :+1: I think the base needs a little work though… maybe put it down one octave and put it to two bars

https://app.auxy.co/projects/gVXLHvDYiigiWIUpIxnpCg== How’s this?

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Aren’t kaijus from pacific rim though? I love the song btw.

No drums try sending again??

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The track was not made with any drums. It’s an unfinished piece.

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Sad days

https://app.auxy.co/projects/oeUEaMdijQKBAPqZ3UdqVQ== Drums

Cool ideas. It’s a good start.

There’s a lot of competition with the synths in the same general frequency range.

You could make one synth the Feature sound for a given scene(s) and distinguish it by using low pass automation on the rest of them (and then switch up which one is feature from scene to scene.

Another way of distinguishing sounds is to use pan automation to spread the sound across the stereo field.

I’ve done stereo panning before. This track is still a massive work in progress, though.

Did something with it.