Just Want To Know What Genre This Falls Into


I love this song very much, but I have no idea what genre this falls into. Someone give me ideas, thanks :))


I would say drum and bass and future bass. but im not sure

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thank you very much! I can see the difference now, with the sawing synths and the bouncy snare. I also found the style on “Sphere” by Zeph. Thanks again!

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Pure Future Bass to my ears.

I’m not a DnB specialist, or even a fan, but…

I wouldn’t say there’s DnB in there. If the main body of the track had gone double-time, then it could have been DnB/Liquid DnB, but it doesn’t, so…

I think the only reason DnB enters the head is bc it’s using a snare that’s popular in DnB, but that alone isn’t enough to make DnB a meaningful genre tag, imo.

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This is 100% future bass :slightly_smiling_face:


future bass

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Thanks for the replies. I’ll study Future Bass right away!

can I ask what’s DnB? I only know RnB as of now and I only heard it from you. Thanks in advance :))

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Thanks very much for the knowledge :upside_down_face:

It’s the genre @Aadam always uses





I dont know what you mean I barely make this style of music lmao. Today I make dubstep so idk wym. And it’s future bass, yeah. Also I stopped making dnb ages ago.

lol didn’t know baba booey


@Twizard makes a lot of DnB, as well as @PISTOL


um wdym

Let’s talk about this in dms