Just share your songs! Anything goes!


This is my most recent song, feel free to post your own. :slight_smile:

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Hi, @Placeboeffect. Welcome to the forum.

It’s probably best for us all to keep using the usual Post Your Tracks and Work in Progress sections to post our tracks.

As a tip, members usual upload completed songs to SoundCloud, Spotify, YouTube, etc… and share a link to that.
For Work in Progress, that’s when members typically share the Auxy Project link - especially if they’re open to others contributing some ideas.


Thanks for the info man, I’m a bit new here so I’ll need a bit of guidance. Love your work by the way!

This is the most decent one I made in terms of musical form xD
here ya go!

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Nice, I really enjoyed your use of low pass and synths, how long have you been using auxy?

I found it when April hits up this 2020, and the sounds are more high-quality than Medly, so I switched to it. I only started composing via Electronic music in exactly May 15, 2020. So I’ve been using Auxy Pro for 6 months, although I only found this community 2 weeks ago.

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Similar story actually, although I’ve been doing stuff since mid 2019.

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